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Susan Mercuri (nee Ramadan)

I’m an emerging artist with very little formal training, counting on my observations to portray the message of my artwork in a truly raw and individual way. 

I want the viewer to see the natural world through my eyes and marvel at its contradictions of intricacy and boldness, subtlety and strength; whether that be a tiny creature, a leaf or a broad landscape. 

I am still developing my style and look forward to exploring pattern, line and colour more intensely through my art and producing some fascinating works.

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2020/21 are years most of us won't forget!

For me it meant many hours at home in lockdown and out of work. That forced me to reassess my life and what was important to me personally. What I found was that my family, the environment, my health and my creativity were the things gave me the greatest pleasure and deserved the biggest dedication of my time. 
I took up painting in a big way, learning as I went and have made quite a few sales, inspiring me to continue.