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Barking up The Wrong Tree
  • Barking up The Wrong Tree


    Observing trees in my neighbourhood, an ongoing series of paintings. I have painted what I see when I look closely and study the patterns, colours and textures of the tree trunks around my suburban home.

    Some are stringy, some flaky, chunky, smoooth, shiny, rough, peeling and split. I endeavour to convey the reality of the bark, infused with my emotional response to the natural world and its beauty.

    The variety of subjects is endless which means this series might continue for quite a while as I discover new trees all the time

    Available with Blackwood floating frame for $450.


      Left to right, top to bottom: Roughing It, Rusty Gum, Peelings, Nature's Sgraffito, Burnished, Fibre Optics,Rootball Paperbark,  Palmistry.
      Oil on Canvas each 30.5 x 30.5 cm 

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